Flute Society of NSW


Useful information and helpful links for teachers.

Flute Players Directory - The latest resource to help you find flute teachers and performers across Australia as well as the events that they are involved in.

Music Teachers Online - Find a teacher in your area.

Australian Music Examinations Board

Australian Music Examinations Board (NSW)

Music Council of Australia

Australian Band and Orchestra Directors' Association ABODA

Australian Flute Festival

Blitzbooks - AMEB theory and musicianship books. Great for kids! Written by the Australian, Samantha Coates.

Theta Music Trainer Online Ear Training. Train your ear with fun music games.

Musical Interval Trainer 

Teoria - José Rodríguez Alvira. Excellent theory site including exercises. Interactive Quizzes, Crosswords and Mazes - on everything from the Basic Elements of Music Theory to Analysis of Late-19th century music and Post-Tonal Theory


SolFi Ear Trainer Pro - Ear training software (for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)


Flute Society (SA) 

Queensland Flute Guild

Victorian Flute Guild

America's National Flute Association

Flutation Australia

Naxos Brief Music History

Classical Music Periods by Google 

Stars & Catz Music Teacher Network - Stars and Catz is a large community of private music teachers and music schools backed by a team of people who are focused on matching students to the right teacher based on their needs. See website for full details.